Authors Everywhere!

Hi friends!

With everything going on in the news, and school closings becoming more and more widespread, I decided to start a Youtube channel, called Authors Everywhere!, to help offer some relief for parents and kids who might find themselves stuck at home

Authors Everywhere brings children’s book writers and illustrators together to bring you read alouds, writing workshops, exercises, writing games, art demos, and more!

The link to the site is here:

You’ll also find supplementary materials below, which activity sheets, coloring pages, games, and more, from all our amazing authors and illustrators.

We hope that we can offer you some fun, some distraction, and a creative outlet for any feelings that might come up during this time. More videos will be coming soon, and if there’s any topic we haven’t covered that you want to see, please let us know!


Downloads & Activities:

Clyde the Hippo Activity Sheets

Cilla Lee-Jenkins Home Away From Home Activity Sheets

Twist Trivia Scavenger Hunt with Sarah Cannon

Starring Carmen Activity Sheets

Cilla Lee-Jenkins: Make Your Own Monster Fighter!

The Power Of Place Inspiration Sheet with Sarah R. Baughman

Describing A Character’s Home with Sarah Jean Horowitz!

Sixteen Words Activity Sheet with Lisa Rogers!

Map that Myth with Cynthia Levinson!